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How to Keep Your Customers Engaged Using Social Media

The only thing worse than your business being closed is re-opening with no customers. So let’s put a positive twist on this…

While your customers are limited or unable to support your business, you have the ability to be there for them. Although it may seem like a last priority, keep in mind that using social media is the simplest and best tool for staying in touch with your audience. Here’s a couple easy tips for business owners on how to navigate the Social Media Marketing world. 

Take Advantage of Down-Time

A lot of businesses are currently facing down-time. This opens the door for your business to boost its relevancy online. Use this down-time to your advantage in every way you can. Let’s consider that any modern business is focusing more on the use of marketing through social media - If you think you are doing enough, double it! While you have downtime, hop online and be interactive. It’s a great way to stay in your customer’s minds. If you are consistently present online, your customers will be present when it is time to re-open. And remember, out of site…out of mind, so remain in site.

It’s too easy to focus on the negatives. What can you do to make your audience feel good? What is going to make them optimistic and excited to walk through your doors? The best time to start engaging your audience is now. Educate them on what the “new normal” is - even if it is completely different. And be positive about it. Share your plan for the future and prompt your followers to engage in conversation about your “new normal”. Shed light on your business in a way you never have before. It is going to excite people to return if they are able to stay in-touch with their favorite businesses. 

Encourage Your Audience to Participate 

Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Zoom live chatrooms are a few great examples. These are great ways to improvise that “face to face” interaction we are all so used to. Show customers how your products are made or give a glimpse behind the scenes of your business. Make them feel like they are really there, in front of you. Inclusion is key.

If you can recreate that feeling of being included, do it. While people are staying in on the weekends or spending time with friends and family at home, give them the opportunity to enhance that experience. It is easier than ever for your audience to follow along to a “how we do it” video, so provide that type of content for your followers. It is a simple way to stay top-of-mind for when it is time to re-open. 

Be yourself, let the creativity flow, and encourage your followers to find creative ways to interact with your business online. Figure out how your audience can involve your business at home, or in the community. It will boost recognition as well as excite the community to get back into your business. This is all simply done through social media. Encourage your team to come up with a fun and interactive “campaign” type of endorsement that your followers can participate in on their own. 

“out of site…out of mind, so remain in site.”

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